Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Bigfish Conspiracy and Zionized-Christian Reality

Uncounted big plot theories abound. Most people wonder if there is a "who" and "they" who control, or conspire to control, the world. Our Serial wars are at the root of our inflation (money dilution) problem. The cost of war dilutes our money and makes goods, including gas and food, expensive, and elevates taxes on property.
War and dilution is the politician's twin drinking buddies. Israel is a catalyst for war; the Serial Wars in the Mideast depend upon acts by and in behalf of the State of Israel to keep wars going, and equally Warmakers depend upon hatred against Israel to keep the embers of war alive...they want Israel to keep on killing and remain hated by its neighbors!

The so-called Christian Right is the most powerful supporter of the State of Israel, therefore, these Zionized Christians, while mostly well meaning, are the primary enablers of Serial wars. Celebrity-Christians own a tax-exempted media is second only in size and power to the Jewish controlled public media. When you combine the votes and media control of Jews and the Christian-Zionist you reach a critical mass for information control. The Internet is the new superstar on the media block, but the Bigfish who control the establishment media too is rapidly controlling it.

Our indescribably important mission is to do a necessary part to save Christianity from Christian-Zionism. Our target audience is between 30 and 70 million in the USA and more around the world. It is up to us to continue until a significant minority in most churches and mosques understands our “Facts of Life”. To this end we join with all those who would end Serial wars, which is the most horrible vehicle for spiritual collapse.

Prominent members (celebrities) of the Christian-Right are exposing their Achilles heel to the world when they adopt un-Christian positions in order to do spiritual business with the State of Israel. Zionized-Christians surrender certain basic tenants that Christ accepted, and they accept much of what Jesus resoundingly rejected, including Pharisaism.

The most obvious example of professing Christians making provable un-Christian statements in support of false values is found in the words of American Celebrity Christians in their ridiculous fawning over the Israel. The Bigfish Conspiracy and the Christian-Right starts with the influence of the Oxford Press on what we think of as “Christianity.”


apollonian said...

"Most people wonder if there is a "who" and "they" who control, or conspire to control, the world."

* * * * *

Difficult Christian Truth And Victory Fit Only For Heroes And Honest Soldiers
(Apollonian, 24 May 08)

Remember Christianity and New Testament (NT) essentially feature distinct, definite, undeniable CONSPIRACY THEORY, NT gospels abounding w. numerous quotations regarding Pharisees, et al., considering and consulting among themselves how they would "destroy" Christ, heroic defender of TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 8:32), hence then that OBJECTIVE, God-created reality which serves as criterion of truth.

Christian truth is simple BUT NOT EASY to accept for scum, cowards, liars, and weaklings, the excess over-population of humanity who reject truth, too difficult to fathom and face for puke who prefer their own fairy-tales and wishful thinking.

For note "truth" isn't just some word bandied about by NT--it's something which always needs PROOF, the objective God-created reality then providing that criterion for confirmation of such truth. Note then Christian truth is absolutely no different fm scientific-type truth. Christianity DEFENDS SCIENCE and all Western/Greek civilization.

And the word, "faith," merely properly means LOYALTY--and is not a substitute for Christian respect for truth, hence science, human reason, and that Greek/Aristotelian objective reality.

Too many people under-estimate the serious Philosophic-Metaphysical implications to Christian aesthetic--not merely some "religion" (another buzz-word) by which Christian philosophy is rendered merely platitudinous and equated with superstition, wishful-thinking, fairy-tales, and mystic mumbo-jumbo.

Indeed the worst thing to happen to Christian aesthetic, throughout history, is it's understood by so many to be mere mysticism, dominated by such anti-reason. In fact, Christian aesthetic is magnificent dramatized defense of objectivity, hence truth, and reason.

And elementary Talmudic expo (see,, and confirms Judaic conspiracy at the very heart and soul of their disgusting, infernal, satanic "religion" which is actually a crass military psychologic strategy for control of terrestrial, corporeal world.

But then what is specific, blog-topical, tangible, provable, perceptible essential mechanism of conspiracy which so actively manifests in real life?--and that is COUNTERFEIT scam/fraud of US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo/ref.

The Fed then is mere COUNTERFEIT operation, quite literally, and it's a MONOPOLY: no one else can do it upon pain of most intensive legal prosecution.

Thus note then how by means of this COUNTERFEIT CONSPIRACY/monopoly Judeo-conspiratorial (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) masterminds simply BUY EVERYTHING--like the "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) and "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalist network which all conspires for that horrific strangle-hold upon USA, politics, judges, lawyers ("scribes" of NT), and judicial system, education system, etc.

Thus note "Mammon" always serves as cloak and mask for Judaic Talmud which Jews never want to risk revealing to gentiles--indeed, even their own people at lowest levels of their own sociologic levels.

Such COUNTERFEIT conspiracy then is very, literal ENGINE of ZOG-Mammon and Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace," as we see going on presently in Iraq/Afgan, these insane Judeo-conspiratorial anti-human monsters steadily spreading depleted uranium poisoning throughout the world.

So then what's problem w. "mainstream" Christianity and Christians?--answer is they're most pathetic, deluded, perfectly programmed subjects of lies, so entertaining, and deliberate deception, further intimidated and terrorized, addicted to present ZOG-Mammon "prosperity," fearing removal of COUNTERFEIT conspiracy will upset their "prosperity," the poor, scummy, scared and frightened fools who more resemble stinking, filthy pigs rather than real humans.

Thus people must begin to learn the virtue of Christian HONESTY as demonstrated by heroic Christ figure/character of NT literature: (a) Christianity is built upon HATRED, as against Jews and gentile co-conspirators, Christian "love" only pertaining to allies who oppose Judeo-conspirators, such Christian "love" merely a means of destroying Judeo-conspiratorial enemies.

(b) Christianity is ABSOLUTELY ANTI-SEMITIC first and most, after only an aestheticalist manifestation and affirmation of Truth, objectivity, and reason. Thus note Christianity is aestheticalist dramatization of (1) human REASON, then (2) utmost effective HATRED of Jew murderers, conspirators, and liars.

Christianity then is most effective and pointed prosecution of truth against Jew liars, murderers, and conspirators.

(c) And if u're NOT absolutely anti-semitic, absolutely FILLED WITH HATRED for Jews, THEN U'RE NOT A CHRISTIAN, period--and u never will be. And u need to get these difficult, but necessary precepts within ur pathetic mentalities if u hope to ever achieve Christian enlightenment, salvation, and any Christian reward.

"Think not I come for peace on earth: I came not for peace, but a sword." (Gosp. MATT. 10:34)

Thus Christian TRUTH requires HONESTY, brutal, grim, and un-settling as it may be for cowards and weaklings who otherwise belong in hell where they deserve to be suffering most excruciatingly for their deliberate lying to themselves against reason, truth, honesty, and the precious advice of Christ, etc.

Christianity is not for scummy inferiors and sniveling children who INSIST, so obsessively, upon lies and a fairy-tale, chocolate-cake -type existence which overlooks or ignores JEW MURDERERS AND ANTI-CHRISTS.

CONCLUSION: Christianity then, at root and base, is simply a militaristic mentality, consisting of reason and strategy put to aesthetic, a gift fm God which shows the way for humane survival and victory over hubristic Judaic murderers who pretend they're God. Christian "love" then, as of St. Paul's, is ONLY for anti-semitic allies honest enough to face the terrible anti-semitic TRUTH. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

True Christian Theme Un-Questionably Anti-Semitic
(Apollonian, 27 May 08)

This particular blog and discussion upon basic Christian theme is precisely what's needed for general anti-semitic movement, anti-ZOG-Mammon. Thus we simply examine in scientific fashion for basic literary text regarding Christianity.

For at this critical moment of history, we need merely place things cultural in proper context in order then to get best beginning of mental grasp for things.

So first note great Greek forbears who first taught TRAGIC nature of life--it basically sucks, though there are moments when we can be happy, that happiness now what we're looking for as in way of, first survival, then victory against dread, hook-nosed, cretinous monsters called Jews, masterminds of ZOG-Mammon empire steadily polluting earth w. depleted uranium, prosecuting obligatory Orwellian "perpetual war."

And what is basic, most critical human problem? For survival itself is simple and easy by comparison. For of course we know Jews are simply disease-of-opportunity. So what then is that basic, so crucial human problem?--HUBRIS, again, as the Greeks teach.

More specifically we observe human scum and "sinners" just cannot get by without lying--worst of all, lying to oneself, lying so convincingly, we even believe those lies ourselves, such pathetic sinners we are.

Thus lies rule here on earth, always have, always will. Human struggle isn't merely to achieve sufficient knowledge, as for bare survival, etc.--it's simply to avoid lies. Thus masters of lies (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44), Jews, rule, always behind the scenes, Jews that so successful disease-of-opportunity, again.

But don't forget, for consolation, Jews' problem is their lies have to be constantly puffed and updated, Jews veritable prodigies of incredible satanic energy.

And Jew lies are always so successful, so depressing, so demoralizing for gentiles, as great literature of New Testament (NT) teaches. Thus God in his great mercy, decided to send down his "only begotten" in order to remind us, hey, it is possible, if we're lucky, to at least momentarily, prevail against lies and Jews, even if only briefly, before lies recover and re-group to rule again--IT'S A CYCLIC PROCESS, in accord then with "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, as I always like to note.

And lies will never be defeated permanently; they always come back, this again, in classic cyclic pattern. So one sees morons demanding establishment of "Church," for example, to permanently solving Jew problem and lies is horrendously ignorant, naive, and short-sighted.

And further, it can be plotted socio-biologically, the parasite Jews, ruling by means of lies, EVENTUALLY SUCCEEDING SO WELL, they themselves become periodically over-populated, and even begin to in-fighting against themselves. Note then, for example, present topmost Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy--the "good cops") attempt to finger Israel ("bad cops") by means of Walt-Mearsheimer, "The Israel Lobby."

Falling-out among topmost conspirators then is our patriots' opportunity, our only hope, what we must observe most closely and plot in accord with. Life sucks, so great is power of lies, hence Jew hook-noses, deformed cretins as they are.

Most apposite detail then to note is SPECIFIC MEANS by which infernal Jew monsters rule, lies in general of course, but specifically, first, and basically again, it's by means of COUNTERFEIT (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)) conspiracy/fraud, which brainless, pathetic suckers accept, measured by means of what economists call "consumer confidence."

Hence then, by means of COUNTERFEIT fraud Jews are able to do nearly ANYTHING--even persuading themselves they're not ugliest, God-awful, putrescent, diseased cretins that ever existed, as we see by means of their great counterfeit scam, they control Hollywood, pretending they're so glamorous, etc., all the blond "shiksas" pushing and jostling one another to buying Jew-monopolized drugs and eating Jew excrement.

Jews then control "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) which "catapults" all the rest of necessary propaganda upholding/propping ZOG-Mammon and its essential COUNTERFEIT engine, persuading gentile morons and lower-level Jews too Jews are so "intelligent," for additional example, all the gentiles so envious of filthy, hook-nosed Jew abominations.

And finally, for particular purpose of this expo, note and don't forget what, much as anything else, such nearly infinite COUNTERFEITED funds do for Jews: buying, literally, all and any manner of HERESY and hereticalist manifestation of bogus Christianity--as we see in present "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) travesty/farce which succeeds so incredibly brilliantly in convincing legions of gentile suckers, for example, Jesus himself was "Jew," Jew by definition being simply follower of Pharisees and Talmud (see, and for best Talmudic expo).

So don't doubt for a second Christian patriots must necessarily find themselves in similar, nearly hopeless position as original Christian patriots of Roman empire, so few, so power-less among all the stupid, masses of brainless, disease-ridden goons and idiots, etc., suckers for and victims of lies and Jews.

And Jews never forget what a crushing blow, historically, they suffered fm St. Constantine the Great, and Jews never cease their lie machine cranking out evermore lies, so fashionable, styled by their Hollywood glamour instrument, repeated then endlessly, over and over.

Charles Hagee and Pat Robertson?--they're just bought and paid-for prostitutes and mouth-pieces, a dime a dozen--what did u think they were? Roman "Vatican" is no different. And who isn't dependent, like gross drug-addicts, upon Jew COUNTERFEIT scam?

So let's then go back and review what it was and still is for Christ's great literary insight we can still make most excellent use of. And that precept is reminder THERE'S SUCH THING AS "TRUTH" (Gosp. JOHN 8:32), and this truth is our great weapon which will work for us--as it did, briefly for the world, such anti-semitic truth first established in official manner by St. Constantine the Great.

And now only crucial thing is simple matter-of-fact analysis of Christian insight regarding that TRUTH: it necessarily requires an OBJECTIVE reality in order to give proof and criterion for such putative truth--which objectivity (as founds science, for foremost example) then so well and brilliantly destroys Jew lies--if and as we're lucky and wise in applying ourselves.

And such Christian truth then, which incidentally affirms Greeks and Aristotle, don't forget to note, also EXPOSES BASIC NATURE OF JEW HUBRIS, their insane, psychopathic obsession for SUBJECTIVISM, and specifically pretense to perfectly free, God-like and hubristic, human will, by which such "free" will and subjectivism, these cretins pretend to creating reality, etc.

Everything else follows regarding human history and socio-biology fm this basic insight affirmed by Christ regarding TRUTH, and these subjects are generally covered by Apollonian expo at, under "commentary" heading.

Human scum, filth, and trash all fall for Jew lies because human shit pretends to hubris and perfectly "free" God-like will--and then esp. to idea they can be "good" as opposed to "evil"--this known generally as Pelagian heresy, first opposed by dear St. Augustine, then later by heroic St. Martin Luther, but which heresy continues to crop up, as lies always will, taking its inexorable toll upon over-populated, excess human garbage who pretend it's "good" to feel guilty, for example.

Latest wave/resurgence of Pelagian heresy takes characteristic rationalist form, in accord with fashion and style, beginning in recent hist. fm time of Rousseau, then definitively, fm Kant and Eng. Utilitarians.

Hence then to briefly wrap up this basic expo and overview upon theme of Christian truth, essential insight for all gentiles, white and non-white, is to reject "good-evil" delusion/heresy and other lies, and heed to strictest determinist socio-biology, observing parasitic disease function Jews perform in removing/reducing over-populated gentiles who suffer hubris in "Decline of the West," etc.

CONCLUSION: And thus note finally, under grim, horrific, and difficult circumstances as Jews evermore ISOLATE themselves, the worse it gets for gentiles the more expediently historic CYCLE will culminate against increasingly over-populated Jew disease, who in their hubris, continue to allow MIGHTY INTERNET weapon of info and EPIPHANY to work so inexorably against them. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Abe Bird said...

Are there still stupid people as you today? How can so dumbiest and conspiracized be in one or two Anti Semite hooligans?! Blast.

Bar Kochba said...

This site repeats all of the basic anti-semitic Christian beliefs. Sadly, it holds the distorted doctrine that G-d has replaced His people. "He sent redemption to his people; He has commanded his covenant forever. Holy and awesome is His Name."
Psalms 111:19

Anonymous said...

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