Friday, June 13, 2008

A Glimmer of Hope

Americans are setting unhealthy records with the least savings, the highest debt, and least time to think about their future that anyone can remember. There is plenty of information, but it seems no time to learn. Each week we publish a fresh Pharisee Watch editorial, which purposely exposes some problem of society and government that desperately requires our attention. So where do we see the hope?

Millions who are unseen by the media are turning to a natural abhorrence to the blood shedding they see on the Internet, and increasing numbers are groping for the causes and sources of the mass executions euphemistically called “war.” Americans are finally realizing these acts cannot be healthy for us…that we are live in an artificial, conflict-based economy where someone is marketing war to us with the same persistency that pharmaceuticals are peddled on prime time TV.

We Hold These Truths’ mission is to help those who want to see. We have focused on America’s churches, which are paradoxically the biggest problem and at the same time the greatest opportunity; they have responsibility before God so their obstruction to truth is the most abhorrent.

A small minority already knows, and is beginning to say that politicians and central bankers have built their empires on maintaining a war state. These War makers have allowed us (who fight and pay for the wars) to have peace only when we get mad enough to threaten their empires. This happened after Vietnam after we had lost a generation. Some of the survivors revolted suspecting that three major wars within 25 years was more than a coincidence. War is not our only problem, but if we find who is instigating the wars we will also find the cause of other problems, including declining morality in our churches, and the dilution of our money.

Chris, a young man who cuts my grey hair, told me the first time I sat down in his chair, “We live in a war-based economy.” I was thunderstruck with his succinct analysis, which came as his reply when I asked him why his haircuts cost so much. Chris knows his rising costs and the cost of my haircuts are related to war, and he does not apologize when he charges me 17 times what my first haircuts cost many years ago. Everything costs him that much more. It is not a coincidence that we American taxpayers have financed about 17 wars in those same years counting the big ones and little ones.

Chris is one of a growing number who cannot be fooled by smooth talk and phony promises about “fighting terrorism” and “ridding the world of dictators.” He knows instinctively that one class to keep the economy steaming for the benefit of the banking class fights every war. He would agree that each war (on an average) doubles the cost of a haircut by halving the value of the dollar that pays for it.

There is hope because a growing number are taking time to think, and are those who try to tell us they will think for us longer fooling no. Chris is a double important model because he is not just a first class barber whose instincts uncovered the fact of the “war-based economy” He is also a Christ follower who has not been fooled by the pulpit prattle that it’s all “God’s plan;” and he is not to fret because we are all on an unavoidable, collision course with the final hours of the earth, the “end times.” Chris is one who does not accept that “wars” are part of God’s plan; he knows serial wars are men’s plans and that Christ is not the Prince of War. He already suspected who the planners are before I came along. We Hold These Truths did not have to change Chris; he figured it out for himself and explained it to me, which makes him a double encouragement.


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apollonian said...

People Awaken To Anti-Semitic Glory Of Christianity As History Culminates
(Apollonian, 16 Jun 08)

Christ may not indeed be "Prince of war," but he's known as foremost upholder of TRUTH, esp. fm Gosp. JOHN. Thus Christ is indubitably natural enemy of Jews who are foremost liars (JOHN 8:44).

Thus these foremost liars, Jews, run the biggest, most sublime scam on earth, and in history--that of COUNTERFEITING (see for expo/ref. on Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud).

And note COUNTERFEITING is actually rather an art as the mad masterminds work to maintain their fraud as long as practicable.

Thus observe Jew Israelis run the security companies which guard USA nuclear weapons, as I understand (fm, and Jews and Israelis also own and head the large telecom companies and corporations which spy on American citizens.

And so it goes: control of the criminal COUNTERFEIT mechanism renders control of everything else, including organized crime, Jews controlling the funding of all corporations, staffing such corporations, esp. at the top policy-making and executive positions, Jews controlling politics, funding, bribing, and extorting all national politicians and many enough at state and local levels too.

And people fail to notice or learn about this Jew subversion and usurpation as "Jews-media" (see, "Who Rules America?" for expo/ref. on Jew media monopoly) so subtley lies, distracts, and lulls the people.

Jews dominate the professions, esp. the lawyers and judges, controlling the judiciaries of the US. Such then is the sad state of slavery and subservience to Jews which has become the lot of US citizens, now so demoralized.

Observe further as Jews now over-see invasion of USA by foreign races and peoples. Thus Jews maintain their mastery by keeping gentiles, who otherwise out-number Jews, demoralized, dis-organized, and steadily fighting one another.

Another tragic observation is Jew money and corruption even extends to false versions of Christian religion (as "Judeo-Christianity" (JC)--see and for expo/ref.) itself which worships these Jews and works to enhance power of Jew-disease, the leaders ("Sadduceans" of modern-day, truly) of these hereticalist Christians directly paid by Jews.

Now then only real Christianity can help the people and the world against this dread horrific Jew disease-of-opportunity which has taken such firm hold of a world now in such desperate thrall of gross hubristic Western cultural corruption.

For Christ defends TRUTH, once again, which means OBJECTIVITY, honesty, and rule-of-law, all of which cardinal Western ideals have been so much overthrown by general hubris and subsequent usurpation of Jew disease-of-opportunity.

Thus what the West, as well as entire world, most urgently requires is JEW-EXPULSION/removal, and the effort must most critically be made beginning w. Christian religion itself towards over-coming and overthrowing hereticalists, liars, false prophets, apostates, and traitors which have taken over formal Christian institutions.

Thus a revolutionary and much more emphatic Christian anti-semitism must be preached, understood, and practiced by Christians and applied most actively against present noxious and lethal Jew-disease, first and especially against that hereticalist Christianity fostered by Jews.

Hence then real Christians must consciously understand their religion as something which was meant and designed to be most EXPLICITLY ANTI-SEMITIC--specifically anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of modern Christianity is it isn't understood as so anti-Talmudic and pro-objective, Christianity truly an aesthetic most compatible and sympathetic with traditional Western Reason, logic, science, etc.

The greatest, most horrible tragedy is Christianity is far too intensively understood among far too many people as being something mystic, and not rationalistic. Christianity does not and has not featured sufficient anti-semitism specifically in form of anti-Talmud, teaching the people most exactly what Jew Talmud really is all about, the Talmud so anti-human, anti-rational, hubristic, narcissistic, and subjectivistic (see,, and for best Talmudic expo).

Thus anti-Christianity, hence then Judeo-conspiracy, hereticalism, and ZOG-Mammon empire/dictatorship all begin with lies, even small ones, like for example, the one that "Jesus was a Jew," beginning then w. that tiny EQUIVOCATION fallacy, confusing "Jew" and Judean, building then into most elaborate lies, like present JC heresy whence "Christians" are required to sell-out and serve Israel, modern-day "Murder Incorporated."

Thus in addition to JC heresy, the old Pelagian heresy, featuring "good-evil" fallacy/delusion, additionally conspires to undercut the people and their reason and religion in favor of Jew-disease. And the pt. is Christianity has so grossly lost its proper and fundamental nature within minds of white and gentile people: ANTI-SEMITISM, Christianity being properly and literally Hegelian anti-thesis to Jew-disease of subjectivism.

So the first step for salvation of gentiles here on earth is to have people understand Christianity is deliberately and properly understood as ANTI-SEMITIC. Secondly, great Christian imperative is to render substantial foundation to notion/precept Christianity features and defends TRUTH (JOHN 8:32), hence then OBJECTIVITY, without which "truth" would be meaningless and non-sensical.

Thus all things positive and liberating about dear Christianity follow fm those two basic precepts so anti-semitic, TRUTH, and objectivity. The only next precept/ideal is that of determinism, in accord w. cause-effect, this to oppose hubristic Pharisaism regarding perefectly "free" human will, foundation then to aforementioned Pelagian heresy.

Thus as patriots and volk observe terrible isolation, dis-organization, and demoralization of gentile and white people descended fm most excellent Christians of yore, present generations consumed and enmired in hubristic "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, now the evermore difficult times must impell the people to being more HONEST and forthcoming with one another as we observe--hey, "it's Jews, stupid.

CONCLUSION: And slowly perhaps, but most urgently and steadily people then appreciate that great and magnificent anti-semitic tradition and heritage which is true Christianity. For anti-semitism is the true, real, and glorious meaning and substance of Christian aesthetic. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Crucial Importance Of Scholarship For Recruitment, Inspiration--Against Heresy
(Apollonian, 25 Jun 08)

Comrade Curt (see, "Time to Boycott Heinz Ketchup...," and "Aesthetic, Weapon...," 25 Jun 08): what we need is no mere "boycott" or "protest"; rather, we need full-fledged Jew-expulsion, this initiated by means of THERMIDORIAN-type counter-revolution.

Thus our own "Thermidor" must begin fm grass-roots--as for instance, by means of sending REAL US Senators elected by state legislatures (see Further, our own "Thermidor" needs most decisive removal and treatment of HERETICS pretending to being "Christian"--and pretending other things too (see and for expo/ref. on "Judeo-Christian" heresy, also known as "Christian Zionism).

Hence then to destroy the great and horrific Jew beast/enemy (ZOG-Mammon empire) and associated scum among gentiles, we the people need simply DESTROY/CRUSH HERESY, heresy the vehicle of lies, failure, and stupidity.

Consider now elements of this gross anti-Christ heresy-complex: (a) The notion Christianity is something mystic, when really Christianity is at it's most fundamental root, DEFENSE OF TRUTH (as in Gosp. JOHN 8:32 and 14:6), thus necessarily, affirmation of objective reality and noneother than Aristotle.

(b) Further then, observe PURPOSE of such Christianity is to oppose Talmud, hence Jews, as at Gosp. MARK 7:1-13--Christianity is truly GREAT HEGELIAN-TYPE ANTI-THESIS. (c) Then there's Pelagian heresy of "good-evil" and the perfectly "free," God-like human will.

Note truly TREMENDOUS opportunities for such revolutionary and truly REFRESHING understanding/over-view of Christianity just for SIMPLEST FUNDAMENTALS. We need now merely convey these simple thoughts for most strategic info among all the volk which then will also be understood as INSPIRATION too, no doubt.

It's this Christian philosophic foundation which is proper and most promising great breeding/recruiting grounds for more patriots--including even non-whites. All we need remember is orientation pre-requisite of ANTI-SEMITISM for all its implications.

And this philosophic foundation with all intimations and possible consequences is precisely where u and I, as scholarly-types, leave others behind, regardless how talented they truly are--like Hal Turner ( and Bill White (, for examples--even the mighty Birdman (

So Curt Maynard, good scholarly comrade, I sincerely hope u take good care for urself, as I expect u begin to see how INCREDIBLY and truly important/significant scholarly -type like u is for patriot movement which so crucially needs sort of analysis only true scholars can provide--as upon crucial subject of heresy/hereticalism.

Thus we and patriots work to enhance patriot anti-semitic efforts by simple means of investing and analyzing simple, basic thing (really) like HERESY, what it actually is and how it works. For Heresy is really JUST A BAD HABIT which then only needs some thoughtful consideration.

And doesn't it make most sense when one thinks?--if Christianity is REALLY to oppose such devilish, satanic Judaism/Talmudism, wouldn't it necessarily require greatest SYMPATHY for human reason? And note it doesn't take too much for people, white and non-white to see true Satanic nature of Jew Talmud. For those fearsome and terroristic Jews and criminals evermore and inexorably ISOLATE themselves quite without any need of contrivances by us gentiles.

Imagine then how simple it is and becomes when people realize one of very greatest pitfalls for Christianity is all/any MYSTICISM with which it so unfortunately became attached to/with throughout history.

Thus we see most clearly: that simple, basic Christianity, and indeed all theology, become A GREAT RECRUITING GROUNDS for patriot warriors, soldiers, supporters, sympathizers, and activists, among both males and females, young and old. And thus we discover, again, yet another most simple KEY for our liberation efforts: HERESY--it's what we fight and struggle against, along w. fighting Jews.

CONCLUSION: Thus it is truly understood and demonstrated anti-semitic patriot movement is so dependent upon that basic SCHOLARSHIP--that honest and simplest care for TRUTH, first and most as it isolates and treats dread tool of Jews, heresy and hereticalism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

apollonian said...

Christian Aesthetic: Most Potent Weapon Against Heresy
(Apollonian, 1 Jul 08)

Fr. John (see, "The Nation...," 28 Jun 08), u’re such outstanding breath of fresh air for bloggers within patriot movement, one excellent source by which to give stress to incredibly important concept people are ONLY BEGINNING to fathom: HERESY–as I fear far too many still grossly under-estimate its tremendous import and tragic power.

For HERESY is that “bad habit” of mind which becomes vehicle for all manner of disinfo. Heresy then is much like those basic -type fallacies which then infects all further general thought of poor victim(s). Heresy is foremost tool of Jew anti-Christs who so fear to outrightly revealing their gross satanic Talmud.

And anti-heresy is foremost purpose of Church and its agents guiding the people, anti-heresy the very purpose of ORTHODOXY. Orthodoxy then most refined and simplified becomes most potent “catholicity.”

I’ve already isolated out Pelagianism (”good-evil” fallacy/delusion) which is now raging throughout our culture, even our most brilliant people faltering before it, indulging in it far too freely. For Jew parasites must needs be understood as socio-biologic (see disease-of-opportunity which must be contested in scientific manner. Thus Jews aren’t “evil,” but rather sublimely and so hopelessly insane.

Thus my method and purpose is so much to ANTICIPATE heresy (or logical fallacy, whatever it might be), and thus to emphasize truly sublime and rational nature of dear old Christianity given through that magnificent New Testament (NT) literature.

Hence virtuous agents and soldiers of God look for and treat those HERETICALIST “PRECURSORS,” again, most akin to basic logical -type fallacies.

Thus whereas Judaism/Talmudism is something drummed into one’s head by means of repetition, etc., becoming a kind of compulsive sort of prejudice, Christianity should be stressed as something far more rational, hence conscious and deliberate.

Thus Christianity cannot be mere mystery–and in fact must be consciously understood as something most rational, which emphatically augments proper thought, consideration, and reflection.

Thus whereas Judaism is sheer emotional-type reaction; Christianity must be far more matter of deliberate thought and thinking–but at same time not too ponderous or clumsy which then encumbers necessary activity in the necessary time.

Thus general Christian thoughtfulness, and consciousness thereof at the outset will do most to assuage, alleviate, and treat that dread heresy raging so horribly presently, as we see, especially in Pelagianism.

And we’ll soon enough evermore most critically need this thoughtfulness, as Jews have so much the advantage in distinct and definite ways. For all Jews have to do is keeping gentiles dis-united as Jews, more cohesively organized (naturally), will move decisively, holding topmost official positions of government, having at ready command most important instruments and institutions, etc.

For Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) understand tide is turning decisively and inexorably against them by means of MIGHTY INTERNET and this new, incredible blog art which has literally revolutionized society and its information.

Jews will thus create their taylor-made Terror-incident(s), declare martial law and count upon their advantages to making it all work for them, keeping gentiles fm achieving any organization or unity among themselves.

Hence then our people can best be prepared by means of this rationalistic -styled Christianity I advocate. I’m sure of one thing: the better Christians are prepared in way of most un-yielding and outspoken anti-semitism, the better off we’ll be.

But how then to recognize and discern gentile co-conspirators and accomplices?–that analysis will come down, again, to same rationalist -type understanding, specifically beginning with basic objective-subjective dichotomy (parallel w. reason-mysticism dichotomy). For subjectivism/mysticism ALWAYS favors and founds that Pelagianist/Pharisaic “good-evil” moralistic -type self-righteousness.

Thus with Pelagian heresy/fallacy most pointedly in mind as critical target we can most easily envision necessary “precursor” premises:
(a) Christianity is fundamentally anti-semitic (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13, featuring TRUTH against Jew lies and conspiracy.
(b) Indeed, Christianity is Hegelian-style anti-thesis to such Judaism/Talmudism which Talmudism is essentially subjectivism. For truth requires objectivity which gives truth its meaning and substance. And good Talmudic expo can be found at,, and
(c) Christianity is most sublime Conspiracy theory, indubitably.
(d) Hence Christianity is fundamentally most rationalistic, giving substance (like motivation and purpose) to otherwise empty method of sheer reason/logic.
(e) Christianity is anti-mystic, esp. for that particular understanding of word, “faith” (which is over-used buzz-word), which properly means LOYALTY to Christ, NOT mystic wishful thinking.
(f) Thus, given (d) and (e), above, we understand Christianity as distinct AESTHETIC, rendering an enhanced and pointed -type rationality.

CONCLUSION: Thus Christian soldiers make Christianity much more pro-active weapon/instrument of mind, transforming it fm not mere raw, passive anti-semitism, but then further to most vital ANTI-HERESY, working then most effectively not only against Jews, but also their gentile accomplices too, these gentiles forming a kind of “Praetorian”-type “guard,” protecting and enhancing Jew disease of hubris, subjectivism, Pharisaism-moralism, and Pelagianism. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian