Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Inhuman Sonic BOOM!!!

Recent disclosures of the Israeli practice of sonic bombing of the 1.3 million fenced in and captive people in the Gaza Strip may take the award for the meanest trick yet. Israel’s pilots fly made in the USA F-16 Fighters low and fast, deliberately breaking the sound barrier over sleeping people. Gaza is an island of children, four or five per family. Why terror? Because most people in Gaza have seen or felt death by explosive bombing.

America’s churches could end sonic bombing and other deliberate practices of starving and torturing the Palestinians overnight. Religious junkets to Israel are probably Israel’s biggest and most profitable tourist industry. Ending religious tourism in Israel is logical. God would seem to forbid supporting those who torture children, some of whom are Christians. Evangelicals should stop talking about their obligations to Israel long enough to listen to Jesus.

What would Jesus say about terrorizing the little children? The diabolical meanness of the bullyboy, sonic bombers defy comprehension. The children of Gaza are used to being bombed with real bombs that blow off limbs and crush families under the debris. Most children in Gaza know shooting and bombing victims, so the sonic bombings play on the fear that is already present. In my brief and never to be forgotten few days in Gaza city, I saw and heard the sounds of real nighttime assassinations, the bombing launched from right overhead, from USA gifts of Apache helicopters.

It is a universal practice of the bully to accuse the little kid of just what the bully is guilty of. Dr. Eyad Sarraj, Palestinian psychiatrist in Gaza City, chain smoked as he spoke to me in March 2002 about the Gazans. He spoke of the traumatizing of the children. Dr. Sarraj has for years run a modest mental health clinic in Gaza City. To him the children were the unseen victims, many scarred for life.

Last week Dr. Sarraj, speaking of sonic bombing, told author Laila El-Haddad,

"Although it is not lethal, it can lead to death indirectly, of unborn children, it can lead to highly traumatizing effects on children particularly, and adults too."

Israel usually bombs at night when the children are asleep, elevating the terror with the darkness that surrounds them. In September of 2005 Israel removed the 21 settlements housing a scant 6000 Israelis in Gaza, which made Sonic-bombing possible. Israel would never terrify its own citizen’s children with sonic bombs. But once the squatters were gone, 1.3 million residents of Gaza were no longer protected by the presence of the Israelis scattered about Gaza.

Can an evangelical pastor imagine himself, stripped and beaten by soldiers in front of the wife and children? How can a pastor lead a flock of lavish spending “Christians" on a five star posh tour of Israel when sonic bombing torture is going on?

Answer: No one has suggested they stop! No one has challenged them, picketed them, confronted them, and scalded their collective conscience. But We Hold These Truths does.


apollonian said...

[I thought this would be good place for below-copied essay of mine, which applies to this blog-topic too, aside fm original subject of Ernst Zundel, as on, "Insider Describes...," 16 May 08. Thanks much. A.]

Patriots Need To Start Getting Serious Sometime Soon
(Apollonian, 18 May 08)

Comrades, u need to face the reality: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to help poor, dear Ernst Zundel--NOTHING. The only thing that has the slightest ghost of a chance to help is LARGE CHRISTIAN MASS-MOVEMENT, that's all.

So if u're serious (like about helping Ernst), u need to get realistic, first of all. How now to generate this Christian movement?--DO U HAVE THE SLIGHTEST IDEA?

And note the irony--as in how to get "serious"?--by adopting "religious"-type methods?--YES, because this is how the mass mentality works--get real.

U want to help Ernst Zundel?--then get busy thinking seriously about a rationalistic Christian revival--it can be done as things economic/political get dramatically worse presently within these HYPER-INFLATIONARY times, prelude to bolsheviki take-over, do not doubt. So u have incentive too.

With brains and intellects like Curt Maynard's, Bill White's (, Alex Linder's (, and others like mighty Birdman (, that basic talent is there. Of course, we know Linder is a FLAKE at best, as even Bill White seems to be, so we observe, note, and lament the human tragedy and waste of talent/ability.

For people can unite--esp. when conditions are horrendous and getting worse--in such case, as circumstances help as JEWS ARE EVERMORE ISOLATED--esp. long as we keep mighty internet.

So that factor (favorable circumstances) should give u some confidence, even in the irony, as conditions get worse for us and our suffering people. Now then u need merely remember basic principles in correct order.

(1) Stick w. basic text, the literature of New Testament (NT); this way u need merely rely upon what can easily be verified in black and white. Note Old Testament is irrelevant--so don't worry about it (helps to make it simple, eh?).

(2) Remember simplest things for substance: Christianity is ANTI-THESIS in classic Hegelian ("dialectic") style--IT OPPOSES JEW TALMUD (Gosp MARK 7:1-13), which Talmud demonstrably dominates the poor, pitiable world at this present moment. Note it helps so much to understand something (Christianity) simply by means of what it opposes and is against.

(3) So what now then is specific anti-theses?--answer: simply Christian TRUTH vs. Jew (Talmudic) lies and conspiracy. Christ then is simply, basically, heroic exemplar, showing how to face these scummy Jews and conspirators--with HONESTY and courage.

Remember: life sucks, in accord w. traditional Greek Tragedy, and we're all gonna lose in the end--but there is a way to go about things in meantime, no matter what--and Christ, again, showed how. Such then, is whole, large pt. to NT--golly, gee, is that hard to understand?

(4) Okay, u say--so what then is that (above item (3)) supposed to indicate for actual to-the-pt. meaning/significance?--simple, again: any serious, meaningful "truth" (as Gosp. JOHN 8:32) requires therefore OBJECTIVE REALITY for necessary criterion to such truth--this has incredible, monumental significance, do not doubt.

Hence then u people can begin to see the profound, genuine implications of Christian aesthetic: it really does possess genuine, serious philosophic substance, Christianity then, as for literature, simply an aesthetic which dramatizes such (Western, Greek) philosophy rather than presenting it in the typical dry, otherwise straightforward academic-style, expositional manner--which loses 99.5% of people, maybe 99.9%.

And remember, consistent w. all rationalistic-type literary analysis, u don't have to emphasize the "miracles," as they're mere plot-devices. For note Christianity is/was meant for all the volk, who might not be too well or too intensively "educated"--it's why Christianity is presented in the mythologic type manner, in way of telling an entertaining story to children.

So all u "smart" guys, w. all ur "edjumacation" and degrees and credentials, etc., need to get ur behinds in proper, necessary gear. Put ur "education" to actual application. Get out there and rouse the masses, speak the truth, and "stir-up some shit."

Let me give u a small, little hint, just to start things off for u: Christ was NOT a "Jew"--do u "savvy" that?--do u begin to realize what huge, major shit that tiny little fact, all by itself, can and will start?--like, it totally destroys one, huge, major hereticalist doctrine and "church" (such as it is, filled w. queers), so hugely funded by Jews, that hereticalist doctrine being known, generally, as "Judeo-Christianty" (JC)--see and for expo/ref.
See how easy it is?--preaching Christian truth?--and beauty of it is u basically just use it to attack and subvert a bunch of scummy, ignorant, queer-infested, pukes--it's not only easy, it's also FUN too. But of course, and again, it's the general circumstances which are so sad, which help to make it successful and prospective.

CONCLUSION: Don't think of it (Christian preaching and exposition) as "religion"--rather think of it as drama, rhetoric, and aesthetics, alternative to that dry, prosaic -style academics and logicalistic -type discourse which everyone is so sick and tired of. So go forth and have fun--enjoy urself, truly--but don't forget the difficult and tragedy-affected circumstances in all full truthfulness and reality. Get ur dumb, otherwise useless (so "theoretic"), asses in gear. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

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