Wednesday, November 7, 2007

God’s Fearsome Law that Judeo-Christians Break

What if there does happen to be a God, and what if He did give us a Book containing His words guided by His ever-present spirit to be used as a life guide? Celebrity Christians accept, and loudly proclaim that the Bible contains the spirit led words of God, but they freely alter the words to make it conform to their own interests. How can a loving family man and father, who is 100% pro-life for every unborn child, be pro-war? Killing all these people is an unthinkable paradox for a pro-life "Christian." Does Pro-war equal Pro-Life? No Christian Zionist, by whatever name he calls himself, can justify killing a single child in faraway places with bombs.

Since they cannot justify it by man's logic, they bend God's words to justify it for them, while still declaring the Bible is the literal word of God. Why would God send a prophet with stories not relevant to them? God is logical. Ezekiel is the story of a prophet warning his own kinsmen of what God demanded of them, or else! They were dragged off into slavery because of their abuse of their God's words, and Ezekiel was the messenger sent to revive them. Christ's Disciple John recorded a bizarre nightmare in Revelations 19, which is likewise distorted. What did John mean? Hundreds of thousands are dying on account of his words. Cyrus I. Scofield was a willing bender of God's words. If there is a God, and if He left a Book for us to follow, why did he not protect the Word with a big warning sign?

One bible dictionary trivializes the Third Commandment: saying "take God in vain" may include "pointless or insincere oaths." Wrong, there is nothing trivial about corrupting God's Word for man's purpose. If you think of "vain" as self-serving it is easy to see why it is near the top of the list along with "thou shall have no other God..." When G.W. Bush suggested God was leading us into Afghanistan and Iraq, he was taking God's name in vain? Celebrity leaders who want to support George W. alter God's words in order to justify George W's actions. No wonder God put altering His words near the top of his "Thou shall not" list.

Every pastor and priest who falsely claims that "this is God's war" is taking God's name in vain to sell a lie. What could be more horrible in the sight of a Holy God, who loves good and hates evil, than to see His words distorted in such a way as to encourage, justify and excuse evil acts of violence and war? The time has come to pull down the pastors from their mega-church pulpits if they take God's name in "vain". You will find those who stand by God's firm and real words talking to smaller groups. Find them and support them! It is Jesus’ way.


Anonymous said...

Gen 27:40 Says when Esau becomes restless(probably the end times, which are probably now) that he would break off the yoke of Jacob.
I believe that he has done exactly that. I read that a young Israeli female soldier said that the leadership of the Jews and Palestinians(Arabs) were both of Esau. The problem we have today is not a bunch of different groups warring against each other but of one group(Esau) leading both sides into a made up war. They stay unscathed while the naive masses kill each other. As long as the masses continue to war with each other Esau will continue to win.
Bush can say what he says because he is a Bonesman(Luciferian). He works for Esau, just like the Jewish leadership and Arab leadership. Pretty much all those in charge work for Esau. People are only focused on the tree that they say is the problem, instead of focusing on the forest(Esau). As long as we focus on the many different trees, Esau will continue to win.

Jaine said...

I am glad to hear someone point out the commandment to not take God's name in vain...It used to annoy me back in the 70's when christians would use "I have to pray about it" to get out of helping someone who needed their help, and were dishonest enough to not say "gee, I would love to but I can't" and instead drew the God-quotient into it to give the excuse the weight of the sacred. Now, who knew that the flagrant use of God's name would turn to decimating the infrastructure of iraq from the gulf war leaving hundreds of thousands of children and weakened iraqis to die of simple-to-fix diseases like diarrhea, only to, again in God's name go back and occupy the same people into perpetuity (if McCainn wins), all using the ever loving tone of old testament jargon (conveniently forgetting the pentateuch and Moses' law) to justify the return to Zion quote and the Abrahamic blessing. I remember the televangelists in the 70's scaring their viewers with the curse if you don't favor said the US would dry up like the Sahara...come to find out that the Sahara has been dry since way before the time of Abraham. Thank you for this blog and therefore this dialogue.