Monday, November 12, 2007

Ending Our Plague

Americans are sick with an intentionally spread disease far more deadly than anthrax. Our Plague has symptoms: constant wars and the dilution of our wealth are the two most deadly. The mystery of how the plague was spread engendered terror. "Plague" became a uniquely feared word in our language. Fleas that lived on immune rats carried the Plague. When humans got too close to the rats they were bitten by infected fleas and soon died a terrible death, and the rats had more to eat; they were unseen, hiding everywhere. Our plague has two faces and its own special rats.

Someone is methodically stripping our money of its value. We are, it seems, helpless to stop it. Pharisee Watch calls this financial plague "dilution," because someone is causing our hard-saved dollars to be watered down. War goes hand in hand with dilution. The planners of Serial Wars are like child molesters; they never stop; they're always plotting. Plague-makers repeat their war crimes as long as the public does not revolt over the killings. War is a business they cannot allow to stop. Serial wars are perpetual paydays for them.

Serial Wars also steal the minds of our children, numbing them to killing, a generation at a time. Wars are teaching them that life is cheap. Military camera footage caught on open ground in the dark the appalling sights and sounds of two young Americans who had received permission to execute three Iraqi men. The callous dialog of the two young Americans, with their sights locking onto the infrared images of humans, should chill your blood.

It feeds the drug importers and porn industry, collapses sexual morality, fuels the abortion mills and crack houses; job problems and anger are anti-family symptoms of the Plague. To pay for their wars, the Plague-makers print money and pay it to their allies. To hide rising prices (caused by diluted money) they sign treaties that lower labor costs, forcing emigration of stable jobs.

The war promoters also deliberately discourage industry at home with regulations that don't apply abroad. The lower priced, cheap-labor stuff we buy provides the illusion that we are not sick. The service economy is vulnerable, unstable. The illusion that the Plague does not exist is the cruelest part of the hoax. In order to further hide the cause of the disease, the Plague-makers have purchased control of virtually the entire media.

Newspapers, TV and talk radio, most of Hollywood and both political parties. All of these openly campaign to justify more serial war. The Plague makers chose to make China an ally, and Islam was elected as the war target. In 1992, the Plague-makers published and obscure map, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Peacekeeping Map, and on it was the locations of future wars, even Bosnia. Your writer bought the map; it called for war on Islamic states.

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