Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Polls Sell A U.S. Attack On Iran

The campaign to bomb Iran is centered on the Bush Administration's stated desire to do so, supported by the establishment media, the Israeli Lobby, and the voting power of the Christian Right. Public opinion polls are playing a major part in bending Americans to accept, if not endorse, an attack on Iran. Polls are being used, if not designed, to bend opinion toward an attack.

Examples are found in a recent Gallup poll on Iran, paid for by USA Today, and a Zogby Poll on Iran. The press brazenly distorted both telling readers and listeners that the majority of Americans favor a preemptive attack on Iran. Second, Judeo-Christians are the most feverish fans in support of war in the Middle East and an attack on Iran. The Zogby poll identified them as "born again." The Judeo-Christians' cheerleaders call themselves "Christian Zionists". The total number firmly in favor of bombing Iran appears to be about 26%, and is shrinking.

Zogby made a well-publicized interview with Tucker Carlson of MSNBC dated October 31st, in which he allowed himself to be part of an interview that concluded, “A slim majority favor a U.S. attack on Iran.” More damaging yet, Zogby also editorialized that the American people seem to be about as much inclined to bomb Iran as they were to hitting Iraq five years ago.

Most polls are commercial business, including Zogby’s. A spokesman for Zogby International, Fritz Wenzel, told this writer that a client did not pay for this poll. Zogby made his statement on MSNBC, and concluded that 52% of Americans support bombing Iran. Tucker Carlson responded that he was “stunned” because the vast majority of Americans now oppose the war in Iraq. Zogby responded to Tucker Carlson’s “stunned” disbelief by explaining briefly that the 52% assumed bombing was for the purpose of preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.

The tip-off that Zogby was skewing the results of his own poll is that he failed to recite the exact question asked by the poll of 1,028 persons. The Zogby International Website does not display the actual question asked in the poll.

If you don’t know the question what good is the answer?

Zogby’s website summarizes the poll: “a majority of likely voters – 52% – would support U. S. Military strike to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon.” Choices: (Very supportive, somewhat supportive, not very supportive, not at all supportive, no opinion)

It is no surprise that 26% of Americans would be in favor of bombing Iran because there are about that many Christian Zionists, plus a few Jewish Zionists and Arab Zionists, plus Israel favors bombing. What value is “somewhat supportive” of bombing Iran if and only if it is to prevent nuclear weapons?

Question (7) in the poll was never mentioned by Zogby, but reveals a very strong negative to any bombing even if Iran is found to have nuclear weapons. How convenient is Zogby’s language for President Bush, who says he wants to make a “surgical strike” against Iran. The mainline Neo-Con sympathetic press, starting with MSNBC, is shaping Zogby’s conclusions to support bombing. It chose this headline: “Most Americans Support Strike.”

It is no coincidence that about the same percentage (26%) were “very supportive” of bombing Iran, and by reading Zogby’s own poll we can clearly state a slightly greater number outright oppose war, some 28.8%. This Zogby poll confirms what we already know, that Christian Zionists (“born again” in this poll) are the rabid public fans in favor of more devastation in the Middle East.

They are most of the 26% of voters who support bombing Iran. They should naturally choose life, not war. Our best hope is that slumbering mainline churches, and their dormant common sense for self-preservation are already at work awakening them.
Slim Majority Favor U.S. Attack on Iran to Stop Nuclear Program
Listen to the John Zogby Interview on Tucker Carlson

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Anonymous said...

This website is a welcome breath of fresh air. It is nice to know there are some real Christians out there.

I will pray to help you folks along. I can't contribute as I had heart failure and have some severe financial difficulties. But I just wanted to say thank you.

The thing for me is, I don't think the people in this administration who claim to be Christians - I don't think they are Christian. I think they only take the label to to try to win public support for their politics and their war. I also do not think our TV evangelists are Christians. I think they are anti-Christs as explained below. Our politicians throw a few token legislative pieces toward the people here at home to gain favorable sentiment and then use them to raise hell all across the rest of the world.

Jesus said those who were first would be last and those who were last would be first. And clearly these false Christians think they are right. They think they are first. Clearly, you folks are in the minority and the last = the last who will be first doing your proper work of God.

I sometimes struggle praying for these false Christians. Their actions and behaviro directly against the teachins of Christ makes me so upset. I do not want to pray for them but for the people we are killing in Iraq insteads. I cannot justify my effort and time between the two. There is such great suffering over there by common people and so little here. They deserve the prayers all the more. It is all I can do. And so I spend so little time praying for the false christinas here and leave their fate up to God Almighty.

"Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward men".

Do our false Christians in this country believe that statement was directed at them and Americans? Yes unfortunately they do. But the fact is, we did not even exist as a people and a nation when those words were spoken. Those words were spoken of and to the people of the middle east. Peace. Goodwill. And here we are doing just the opposite. Amnerican christians (lower case intentional) are bringing war, illwill and hell on earth. And I pray to God for them. God have mercy on their souls.

The other point is, Jseus never gave up event against all odds. He struggled through to the very end. And these apostates that bring war to the rest of the world in hopes that it will bring their salvation, they will get just the opposite. As Jesus struggled to the very end, so should we struggle in the teachings he gave us to bring Peasce, not war, to the rest of the world.

The Christians in this nation are doing the work of the anti-Christ. God forbid. God forbid. God have mercy on their souls.

In Christ Jesus

Ken Boettger
Ellensburg, WA