Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who Is Guarding the Oil Well Guards?

"Should we pull out or stay, should we 'cut and run' or finish the job we started." We hear every reason examined and discussed...every one except the real reason, oil. And please notice; we never see the oil wells or plants in Iraq.

None of the reasons for staying make much sense when given a little thought. For instance, we are supposed to believe it is not macho to walk away from a fight we have started. But we citizens did not start the fight with Iraq and they did not start it with us, our government started it on purpose, and citizens suffer for it and pay for it. Not one elected American official has died in Iraq to my knowledge. And with all the publicity why is it we never see and oil well doing what they do? We don't see them being attacked nor do we see who guards them.

We could tick off the reasons we are told for the wars one by one, but you already know them, you hear them every day too...except for the one real reason that makes perfect sense.

The real reason for staying in Iraq, the one we are never told about, has to be involved with oil because that is what Iraq does, it produces oil. Oil is the national business of Iraq; it is a series of scattered giant oilfields with sand poured on top! Why else would the 200,000 men solders be there?

Fox News presented a shocking but all too typical example of how oil-o-phobia infects Democrats, the Administration, and the big media with chicken virus on Sunday, December 4. News host Chris Wallace interviewed neo-war opponent, Democrat Barbara Boxer and Presidential Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.

Chis Wallace hurled creampuff questions at the guest about Iraq. The pat logic for staying was debated. One of several silly argument is, "We owe it to the Iraqis to finish the job of democratizing them," inane because the country is now in civil war over our presence. But the one real reason for staying is never uttered by any side, OIL, oil, oil. Not one reference was made to any oil related word, such as petroleum on the Chris Walace show; you would not know oil exists. If you find this hard to believe, so did I, but it's not even unusual, it's the norm in press encounters.

When someone is trying to fool you the first thing they lie about is their motive. If you can be convinced the Warmakers has a noble motive, you may have forgiveness and even support. You may even defend the liar for having good intentions even when he is caught red-tongued, if there seems to be no evil motive. The Warmakers can't justify their motive for being in Iraq so they hide it under a media blackout, and the press also must forget there is oil in Iraq, so powerful is the force of their purse.

WE STAY TO PROTECT THE INTERNATIONAL OIL INDUSTRYThe USA and our British partner cannot pull out because the industrial companies our leaders have placed in charge of the oil fields all over Iraq can not hold the territory without our troops. Our 200,000 soldiers have to keep 15 million Iraqi's imprisoned in big city gulags so the people don't bother the folks who control and guard the oil field.

If our leaders withdraw our military, Halliburton, the Seven Sisters, and hundreds of their illegitimate brats who are profiteering in Iraq, would all have to go home? The people of Iraq have shown that they are willing to die for what they consider theirs; the Warmaker's private armies do not have the stomach for such a conflict without our full military support.
Simply stated, the revolt against the occupation, called insurgency is a revolution to get back the national wealth of the country. Oil and water are the natural assets of Iraq. Every Iraqi benefited in some way from oil, even under the petty tyrant Saddam Hussein who was a small time assassin compared to our own Warmakers.

But few Iraqis have benefited from the oil under Halliburton. Gasoline cost as little as $.05 per gallon before Shock and Awe, yes, I mean five cents a gallon. Now there is a gasoline shortage in Iraq, and the production is way down. Our leaders have proved they don't care if the Iraqis have a civil war and kill each other, while they are contained and kept busy in the cites guess who is harvesting the oil in the desert? Do you need proof that our troops stay to protect the oil profiteers?

Ask yourself when did you last see a press report on or a film about the oilfields in Basra or northern Iraq, or anywhere else in the country for that matter?

The answer is probably "never." This writer has not seen one since the 1991 withdrawal from Kuwait when we saw distant panoramas of burning oil wells on the horizon as far as the eye could see. Then, for a brief moment in history, we saw an image of what the real Iraq should look like. Then, Brown and Root, Halliburton and others, came in to put out the fires, and the Warmakers have never left. It makes one suspicious of who started the fires, I think Saddam started them, but could I be mistaken?

We occasionally hear about an attack on a pipeline, but where is the color photo of these attacks? Why don't Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney pose for photo ops beside a drilling rig, refinery or pumping station in what is the second largest oil reserve in the world? The answer is simple. They don't want you to think about the wealth of Iraq.

If the news media does not show oil (or is now allowed near it) and our President does not mention it, it does not exist. Then there is no motive for perpetuating an American created civil war in a cage. Please also note that with all the Democrat political neo-objections and anti-war posturing, not one congressman I know of has dared to bring up the oil motive. Democrats also voted for the war, and they look to war business for their reelection.

To buck the war is politically acceptable, so long as appropriation of the oil fields is not mentioned as a motive for having gone to war. It is also taboo to say we went to help Israel, which is now participating in the plunder.

To Halliburton, the Seven Oil Sisters, and all the armament makers, Iraqis oil fields are very real. The "War on Terrorism" is too good a deal to just walk away from. Our controlled press is also afraid of Halliburton, the seven oily Sisters and their slick lesser brats. Don't expect your TV anchor to tell you we are staying the course to make Iraq safe for Wall Street's Warmakers enterprises and international bankers.

Blackwater Corporation mercenaries are paid at the rate of about a $1000.00 per day to watch the black stuff flow from the ground, as it flows in few other places in the world, at a production cost of only pennies per barrel. No wonder industrial America wants you to guard their newfound empire, acquired with bombs and bullets you paid for.

Answering our own questionThe last time you saw Iraqi oil wells on your local TV channel was in 1991 when Saddam Hussein was blamed for setting about 200 wells afire as his men fled Kuwait. Remember, they lighted up the sky for miles. Yes, it is time to cut and run, cut our military death losses and the Warmakers' profits.

What can one person do in the face of unspoken collusion among industry, media, and both political parties with the intent to deny us knowledge of our government's motive for its crimes?


Seraphim said...

"...not one congressman I know of has dared to bring up the oil motive"

Well, I know of a Republican congressman who has brought it up many times.

And he represents the Houston, TX district of all places.

And he's running for President.

His name is RON PAUL.

He even had the courage to bring up the issue immediately after the 9/11 attacks -- see

And he hasn't relented. See his essay, QUESTIONS THAT WON'T BE ASKED ABOUT IRAQ -- -- which he wrote in Sept 2002.

For more, just try Googling "Ron Paul" +oil +iraq.

More pertinent, perhaps, to this blog -- he does not cave in to the Zionist lobby, and opposes the government's financial and military support of Israel.

And pertinent for all Christians -- he is one of the strongest pro-life candidates out there, having sponsored a constitutional amendment guaranteeing human rights to the unborn.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the doctor this sickened country needs! I met him and his wife Carol in Orlando and they ARE the real thing! Please vote for Ron in your state's GOP primaries.

An interesting 'factoid' about what prompted the 1991 Gulf war is a mention of how Kuwait was cross drilling into Iraq and stealing 24 billion dollars worth of potential oil revenue annually.

Although these articles sound quite plausible, they are only mentioned by lesser known web journals and by knowledgeable bloggers. It's worth the Googling.