Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Kill On Sight" A Christ Follower

Killing the wounded and bombing civilians is a policy from the U.S. An imbedded journalist traveling with a U.S. Marine squad that was cleaning up hours after the so-called fighting photographed a point blank murder with full sound and voices. Televised images of marine fatally shooting an unarmed, wounded insurgent in a Fallujah mosque were repeatedly broadcast on Arab TV.

The byline called the helpless man a “combatant". The Marine's recorded voice reveals that he did not fear the man, that he considered him less than human, and that he thought it his right to kill him. In another documented incident, four Iraqis were killed by Marine rifle fire in a crowded mosque in Baghdad on Friday, November 19th, while praying. This disgusting act by Marine X in Fallujah was absolutely predictable by anyone who bothered to read the pre-attack statements of our leaders.

Permission to murder innocents was telegraphed by several Marine commanders before the invasion started. Every statement emphasized massive killing. How can we expect more humanity from Marine X? Every professional soldier commander, every political war maker, and every Judaized Christian leader who supported the war and made Fallujah possible shares the blood guilt on the hands of the men in Iraq, including the near idiot who committed the terrible deed on camera.

This Marine X is not a fluke; he is the rule. We know who murdered one man, but who killed the 100,000 other Iraqi civilians buried in and under and around the destroyed homes of Iraq? The press works its subtle distortion in the face of indisputable evidence. It fails to make the obvious point that Marine X's act can only be the tip of the iceberg of thousands or tens of thousands of slaughtered Iraqis since the onset of “Shock and Awe", a name intended to imply unimaginable destruction and brutality.

From the highest levels they use the "Kill" word when speaking of Iraqis. One Marine Colonel, who sounded like a Baptist preacher, was quoted as saying:

"The enemy has got a face. He’s called Satan. He lives in Falluja. And were going to destroy him."

No cameras or reports were allowed when the original killing force went through the mosque killing everyone in sight and leaving this one victim for dead. "Battalions like ours are coming from behind, going house-to-house killing guys" said a US marine, Lt. Michael Prato. Blame the Christian and Jewish leaders who reelected Bush and his war plans by registering and driving Bush voters.

The Christian leaders who rallied their people for Bush did so under the terribly mistaken belief that carrying out the will of Israel’s brutal leaders is their duty to Israel. Let those who agree with us withdraw support from the pro-death churches now. Even if you choose to go back to help change the friends you’ve left behind, withdraw all financial support. Join Project Strait Gate to expose the Judaization of our Christian churches.


Anonymous said...

Well, I perused your websites and it is obvious that you are pacifists and believe that Jesus is one as well. I cannot see how you draw that conclusion from the Bible...from Genedsis to the particular portrayals of Christ's second coming in The Revelation. I wonder if you time would be better spent reaching the lost of this world instead of trying to be the savior of the church. God is always faithful to judge His people righteously as seen throughout the Bible and history...without our help. Regarding this particular BLOG entry. You are dragging up an OLD news story and drawing your own conclusion based on limited information. Neither you nor I were there in the moment and have no right to pass judgement on the particulars. It may have been wrong or it may have been justified but to use questionable information to substantiate your claims leaves you looking like just another bomb-throwing blogger.

Fred Butler said...

I attempted to email you back when you "protested" in front of my church, but my email must not have got through.

I am curious. What is your opinion of the events of 9/11? Muslim fundamentalists or inside job done by Bush and Mossad?

I'll check back to see if I get an answer.