Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Chaos and Confusion

Senator J. Williams Fulbright, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated repeatedly in 1973, “Israel controls the U.S. Senate.” Senator James G. Abourezk told reporters at Colorado Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner where he was a keynote speaker in 1977,

“As a United States Senator, I have sworn an oath to uphold the government of the United States, but I never dreamed I would be required to swear allegiance to any other government.”
He continued,

“The United States is likely to become, if it has not already become, a captive state of its client state.”
Senator Fulbright was driven from office by the very lobby he tried to expose, a testimony to the power of the Israeli lobby (Senator Abourezk served only one term).

Former President George Bush admitted in an interview on the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s January 1999 documentary “Fifty Years War: Israel & the Arabs” that he had been threatened and intimidated when, prior to the 1992 election, he considered withholding a $10 billion dollar loan guaranty to the State of Israel. He describe his intimidator as an agent of “AIPAC…a very powerful Israeli lobby”, Mr. Bush stated he was threatened with an “end to his political career” However, his interview omits one even more incredible detail: that later in 1992 President Bush quietly approved that very same loan.

Senator Charles Percy, a successor to Fulbright as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated in a public debate on 60 Minutes in 1998, “I finally reached a point where I saw our foreign policy totally turned around with the Muslim World-2.2 billion people. Can Israel and the Prime Minister have more power than Congress?”

Under Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United Nations, George Ball stated, “Practically every congressman and senator says his prayers to the AIPAC lobby…they have done an enormous job of corrupting the American democratic process.” The Israeli Lobby rewarded Percy for objecting to massive foreign military aid to Israel by being driven from Congress.

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