Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why Doesn’t God End Our Serial Wars?

To those of us who wonder when our warring leaders will be satisfied and bring about an end to conflict around the world…the answer is NEVER. In the eyes of our political leaders in both parties, war continues to be a necessity to carry out their agenda. We Hold These Truths has exposed that agenda in the past, and those who do not understand it can find lots to read about this on our website. History is an account of what happens between inexplicable wars. And it rarely provides a logical reason for war.

History books seldom tell us our leaders wanted to strengthen their power or increase their wealth, and war is the time-honored path of political choice. Nor are we reminded that the stronger member, not the weaker one, invariably starts wars. We Hold These Truths has said over and over again, it is our responsibility (if we claim to follow Jesus) to do everything in our power to end the killing. Those of us who live in the USA still think we are the authority over our government, and unless and until we are shown to the contrary, we must keep on trying to control politicians.

Why can’t I just go along for the ride like so many who say, “We can’t win anyway, so it’s best to stay out of the way"? This is a statement we hear all the time. It too, has a simple answer: It’s our job to try to resist because God says we must represent Him and His law as long as we have breath.

This is supposed to be what Christianity is all about, that is, if you use Jesus Christ as a guide. An objective person looking at the control mechanism now running our world might well conclude he had better NOT believe in God, lest his conscience force him to resist the irresistible. Those of our readers who have given up on God may feel they have a free pass, but not those who follow Christ. We do not have an option in the matter, Jesus does not give us a pass, when he said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers” he also demonstrated that he meant it.

As we say over and over again…the primary enablers of war today are America’s evangelical “Christian-Zionist” churches. They can hardly escape being enablers of our present war in the Middle East because war against Islam is in their doctrine! It is part of their creed necessitated by their support of an Israeli state. We Hold These Truths is not the only one who has written and recorded much to demonstrate that Christian-Zionism is a religion fallen away from Christianity. Celebrity churchmen who call themselves “evangelicals blow the trumpet our leaders want to hear…that Christ permits (if not demands) war against Islam. In return for this scriptural lie, they are helped to become the celebrity Christians who receive access to the media, tax-free status for huge church businesses, publicity, friendly regulation, and an open field for self-promotion. Most important, the public standards of racism are ignored when Christian-Zionists denounce Islam.

Christian Zionist “The Christian Right” celebrities are the oracles for the unfettered and unapologetic anti-Islam media of our day. Their appointed job in the Neo-Con order of the new world is to campaign every day for more serial wars against Islam. They do it! Whenever you hear someone like Franklin Graham make a racially hateful statement against Muslims he is carrying out his appointed mission in the politicians’ War on Islam. God will not end our Serial wars because he has left this very tough job to the followers of Christ. Every man (whatever his church) who says he follows Jesus must necessarily work for and pray for peace. As part of this peace mission he ought to visit a Mosque. Why? Because Muslims who worship in Mosques also want an end to the Serial wars, they have this in common with followers of Christ. So why not get to know them? I think Jesus would.

You will even find a few followers of Christ bumbling around in perplexity inside every evangelical church. If you have a chance to visit a mosque, don’t hesitate to do so. I felt warmly received during my visit. Compare this to downright animosity received on occasion from some of my “bloodthirsty brothers in Christ” when standing outside their churches holding a sign that simply says: “Choose Life, Not War.

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