Saturday, August 25, 2007

The War on Islam

The State of Israel is acting out the part of the Warmaker’s Pit Bull, escalating toward a full-fledged world war on Islam. This is happening with the support of the "Christian Right," a unified minority among the American people, which actually welcomes a war on Islam regardless of the consequences. The Warmaker’s policy architects of our present administration admitted long ago they planned continuous war to be justified by the “economic benefits” of war. War on Islam is the Warmaker’s economic war to replace the Cold War, and Arab oil is not a coincidence.

But the underlying reason for the war is neither for oil nor for hatred of Islam. It is a war to control our own economy and the life habits of our people; war is and always has been an end in itself for those we call the Warmakers. We suggest a simple, anyone-can-do-it action plan called Project Strait Gate. The whole world knows it is gagging on printing press dollars. Who prints it, and what if the inflation plan fails?

The so-called Neo-cons want war and they control the Administration, so why don’t they simply persuade George W. Bush to bomb the next Islamic country, says Iran? Simply stated, no matter how willing Mr. Bush is, he cannot manufacture even one more war. The Warmakers need a proxy for Mr. Bush to start the next war, and provide an excuse for the USA to be drawn into it. That proxy is Israel.

As the War on Islam accelerates the price of necessities will become unaffordable to a greater number. The Neo-Con solution to the obesity of war is more inflation and more war. The evangelical mega-churches and the Zionist-controlled public media protect Israel. The Zionist-friendly media cannot prop up Israel without the Christian Right's media support.

Israel is the Warmakers’ proxy. With the support of the press, American Jews, and the vocal Christian-Zionists, the USA will eventually come to Israel’s rescue and occupy Israel’s neighbors, or so goes the plan.

General Eisenhower called it “the Military Industrial Complex.” Perhaps only you doubt the Warmakers exist? The American press has, and will continue to greet Israel’s mass assassinations by either ignoring it entirely or by implying that the Hezbollah and Hamas provoke Israel. President Bush, as would be expected from his list of friends and supporters, says Israel has the right to defend itself, and he blames everyone but Israel for the escalation.

He even blames Syria, his cue to Israel to bomb Damascus. “The War on Islam” is not new, it includes Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Somalia, and Bosnia. We Hold These Truths identified this war in an article on March 21, 1994. US foreign policy has been war on “terrorism” ever since the anti-war movement of the 1960s forced a rethinking. We now make war on tiny countries the size of our smallest states.

The Warmakers know full well that Israel’s arrogant brutality will beget more violence, and the hatred will correctly focus on the USA.

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Edward Ulysses Cate said...

I agree with most of what you say, but I honestly have come to conclusions beyond what's said in the article. There's too much to put in this comment, but for those interested, What's Wrong With Fundamentalism is posted at
Hope that it is of some benefit to those interested in this subject.