Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gasoline Sold for Five Cents a Gallon

A temporary gasoline shortage struck Phoenix, AZ in 2003. Desperate workers pushed their cars and trucks to gas stations in 108-degree heat. Some price doubled to as high as $3.50 a gallon. If you want to see giant price gouging, take a look at the price of gasoline in Iraq since President Bush allowed Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his oil industry friends unfettered operation of Iraq’s oil industry. Sadly some of the least strong Iraqis have and will also lose their lives for lack of fuel.

It may be hard for some Americans to believe the absolute fact that gasoline and diesel fuel were sold to the Iraqi public (and business as well) for less than a nickel a gallon ($.05) during the sanctions (embargo) period between 1991 and US occupation. Gas was indeed often cheaper than water in Sadam Husseins Iraq.

US politicians’ favorite arch villain Saddam Hussein must have realized there is value in making friends with the ordinary people. It is vital to note that for the Empire’s sanctions against Iraq were administered by the United Nations. These sanctions starved Iraqis and also prohibited American from enjoying the benefits of Iraq’s surplus energy. We were paying nearly $2.00 per gallon for gas in January 2000, 40 times more than the Iraqis were paying for the same fuel at the same time!

The reported price now varies from $1.00 to $1.50 per gallon, an impossible price for the unemployed and impoverished Iraqis. Clean water and electricity have remained unavailable to many since the bombing. The price of fuel, on which Iraq families depend for survival, has increased by 30 to 50 times, and the Cabal is in charge.

One of the Rumsfeld Cabals first acts was to reopen the pipeline from Iraq’s northern oil field into Cabal cooperative Turkey. Imagine the wrath of the Iraqis when they learn their liberators are scudding fuel out of the country to the Turks. No wonder the Kirkook pipeline has been bombed so many times. A long time trusted friend, Archie Blumhorst, at some risk to himself, traveled to Iraq in January 2000. We quote from our printed and taped interview with Mr. Blumhorst in March 2000:

"A busload of Americans were stretching their legs during a fuel stop. A. W. Blumhorst calculated the conversion of gallons to liters and native currency to U.S. Dollars in his notebook. He watched the attendant pump diesel fuel into the European made bus. ‘Do I have this figured right?’ He asked the English-speaking bus driver. ‘Is it possible you are buying fuel for four cents a gallon? Are you really going to fill this bus with a $10.00 bill...? Maybe I should take a gallon home to Missouri or they will never believe me!’"

Mr. Blumhorst's calculations were confirmed by others in Iraq. This balance was absent from the American press. It was Hussein’s economic policies that kept most of the people of Iraq friendly toward him. Oil, the national treasure of Iraq, is simple being looted from the suffering public before their eyes.

No one should be surprised that a war Cabal powerful enough to control presidents uses murder, false witness, theft, and covetousness as operating tools. How much we will pay for fuel with the Cabal in control of Iraq’s oil? Shame on the terrible "Christian" enablers of serial wars.

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