Saturday, September 29, 2007

One Nation Under Israel

Former United States Senator J. William Fulbright, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, stated repeatedly in 1973, “Israel controls the (U.S.) Senate.” Senator Fulbright was driven from office by the very lobby he tried to expose, a testimony to the power of the Israeli lobby. Israeli influence extends to the Executive branch as well. On May 18, 1998, Vice President Al Gore told the 39th Annual Policy Conference of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), “our commitment to the security of Israel is unconditional.” “One Nation Under Israel” may be the first historically documented expose of the hijacking of the American Congress. For as Author Andrew Hurley clearly explains, Congress is not under the control of its constituents but of a foreign power.
One Nation Under Israel…” was first published in 1990 on the very threshold of the Gulf War. It was then entitled “Holocaust II, Saving Israel from Suicide.” In it, Author Hurley wrote a clear but unheard warning to the American people that they were losing control of their government. In spite of Hurley’s careful scholarship and the timely subject matter, the Israeli patriot control media, publishing houses, booksellers, and book reviewers blacklisted the book.

Author Hurley is a historian. His book is a fascinating, scholarly history of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 by the United Nations’ partitioning of Palestine. He factually documents Israel’s subsequent expansion by war and encroachment into neighboring territories. Mr. Hurley holds academic degrees in both political science and law. Hurley’s unique vital message to the peoples of the entire world is that the American Congress has for decades been virtually under the control of a lobbying machine dominated by the State of Israel.

Those who govern the State of Israel receive billions of dollars annually in U.S. Foreign Aid. Millions of these dollars are recycled into the American Israeli Public Affairs Council (AIPAC). Under Secretary of State and Ambassador to the United Nations, George Ball stated:

“Practically every congressman and senator says his prayers to the AIPAC lobby…they have done an enormous job of corrupting the American democratic process.”

In truth, it was a quid pro quo donation from Israel. In 1994 AIPAC offered its posh Israel junket to all new members of Congress. U.S. warmaking in the Middle East appears to have only one lasting beneficiary, the State of Israel. “One Nation Under Israel” . . . reveals a 51st state with more power than the other 50 put together.

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