Monday, February 11, 2008

"Balance of Power" Means Murder

Beginning in the 18th century, Great Britain focused intently on protecting and expanding its worldwide empire by seeking always to maintain a "balance of power" among civilized nations. Hence the numerous British wars against France, for example, in the 18th and 19th centuries, and myriad ever-changing alliances with all sorts of nations throughout the period.

British obsession with this balance of power reached its peak in 1914 with the outbreak of World War I. From the British point of view the Great War was fought to reduce the growing power of a unified, highly industrialized Germany. That millions of men would die in muddy trenches for such selfish goals is testimony to the importance of the "balance of power" concept in the minds of its adherents.

Today another nation, our own, practices the old British approach to international relations, attacking other nations whenever they begin to get too uppity.

Today’s list of uppity nations earning the attention and sometimes the bombs of these New Imperialists include Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Yugoslavia. And the list of enemies and friends is just as fluid as it was in the heyday of the British Empire.

Thus Iraq and Afghanistan received military support in the 1980s, only to be attacked in the present. And dirt-poor Sudan, thanks to its huge undeveloped oil reserves, finds itself the victim of economic sanctions imposed by the USA, bombing attacks and invasion, solely because the New Imperialists fear it may become a stronger regional power.

Some leaders clearly believe it is better that thousands of innocent children starve and die than to allow a Third World nation to develop and disturb their sacred balance of power.

Who is this New Imperialist who attacks and befriends nations with Machiavellian gall to maintain a British style "balance of power"?

Israel, with the help of its $5.5 billion per year sugar daddy the United States, plays an important role. For an understanding of the influence wielded by the State of Israel upon the US Congress and our foreign policy, read the book review of One Nation Under Israel

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