Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Letter To the Pastor

November, 11, 2007
Pastor’s name withheld
Church and City withheld
South Carolina

Dear Pastor
This morning’s service, on Veteran’s Day, was a special reminder to me. I am a ‘peacetime’ veteran, but I feel I should not be standing with those actually served in ‘wartime.’ Thank you for your acknowledgment of (we) veterans, in any event.

But the reminder is that, approximately one year ago, I spoke to you regarding the unconstitutional, immoral war our nation is waging against Iraq, and the fact that you, our church leadership, and nearly the entire congregation cares not a wit nor whimper about this unmitigated disaster of ‘war-making’. I was incredibly discouraged with our time together (i.e., that I failed to even begin to reach you with this issue); nevertheless, I feel it was the messenger-yours truly-who failed, and not the message.

The message is still that our so called Christian nation, led by professing Christian President George W. Bush, is waging an unconstitutional, immoral war on innocent Iraqi people, killing, maiming, and devastating the lives of literally millions of innocents. The Iraqis are innocent as they had absolutely noting to do with “9/11”, NOTHING! Christ calls us to be peacemakers, not war makers! You spoke this morning of our/one’s Christian testimony; what is our nation’s testimony but that of a war maker! We send missionaries all over the world, and they are truly our ‘peacemaker foreign policy’, and have been for scores of years. But our nation now sends out ‘military missionaries’ who kill and destroy, and figuratively, if not literally, destroy all the good our spiritual missionaries have created. Indeed, our military missionaries have undoubtedly caused Christian missionaries to flee Iraq, in safety.

You spoke this morning, from Acts 24:16, “to have always a conscience void of offense toward god and toward man.” Can there be a more fitting condemnation of our nation’s war making and condemnation of those who won’t speak out?

In our meeting, you mentioned that God’s words speak of “wars and rumors of wars;” yet this is referenced in my bible as concerning Daniel’s 70th week. Nevertheless, that certainly is in no way an approval by Christ of ‘war making’. Christ calls us to “love our enemies.”

You asked this morning, “Whom do I worship?” I worship Christ, the peacemaker. Will you be a peacemaker, Pastor?

(Name withheld by Blogmaster)

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