Saturday, July 19, 2008

Palestinians and Israelies: Who Is To Blame?

Israel is justifying its continuing killing of Palestinian civilians and destruction of their property on grounds that Palestinian terrorist bombers are intentionally killing innocent Israelis. What if, in fact, the human bombers attack military targets and not this still terrorism?

Though the rest of the world sees it the other way around, most Americans seem to be persuaded that the Israelis are the good guys and the Palestinians are the bad guys.

According to recent polls, these beliefs are derived largely from the media, which uses the label terrorist repeated day after day to describe Palestinians, while labeling Israeli actions as purely defensive.

For instance, according to Fox News on May 5, 2002, a mother from Jenin and her three and four year old children were all shot to death, each hit in the head or upper body, and in a separate incident the same day a nine year old boy from Tulkarem was shot twice in the chest and killed...all in one day. But Israel excused these as military targets and provided various excuses.

The media has persuaded many Americans that if Palestinians kill Israeli civilians, that's terrorism which must be fiercely punished; but, when Israelis kill Palestinian civilians, often children, that's collateral damage. Israelis shrug and say they were aiming at government buildings; that civilians were acting suspiciously; or children just got in the way.A majority of Americans buy into the label terrorist state to describe Palestinians based on the acts of 55 Palestinian human bombers.

This number and our information regarding these acts, comes to us from military press releases prepared by Ariel Sharon's government, previous governments, and also from this author's personal observation of military presence in Israel.

It can be shown that all or most Israeli death reports carried in the US media purposely omit mentioning of persons who happen to be in the Israeli Defense Forces or paramilitary, and that the 55 terrorist bombing of innocent civilians were undoubtedly aimed at Military personnel.

WHTT thinks it is time to examine the one-sided use of the label terrorist, and to ask whether there is any real difference between Israeli smart bombs and Palestinian human bombs that warrants one being called terrorist, but not the other.


apollonian said...

Christianity Needs Be Understood Most Rationalistically
(Apollonian, 23 Jul 08)

Jews are liars, according to Gosp. JOHN 8:44. Thus the very "money" paid out, originally fm the Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING instrument (see for expo/ref), to bribe everyone, including especially USA Congress, et al., begins w. Jew bankers.

Thus in control of nation's money, Judeo-conspirators (see for expo/ref. on CFR-Bilderberg conspiracy) own USA, the media, the corporations, etc.

Hence USA is essentially controlled by Mammon false prosperity God of Jews, further complicated by means of hereticalist complex, Jews not willing to allow Talmud to being too exposed. See,, and for best expo on Talmud.

So what USA and it's gentile people need most desperately is radical dose of incisive TRUTH, as Gosp. JOHN 8:32, in order to achieve freedom.

Hence then Christianity must be made more rationalized for people to understand. And it thus would be most useful to understand Christianity, in first place, as ANTI-SEMITISM (anti-Talmud, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13)--most people don't even grasp that necessary, beginning anti-semitism.

Thus we need more people demonstrating in front of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) places, like Pastor Carlson.

Otherwise, I pt. out hereticalism is most active force working in favor of Jews and against Christians, the most pernicious single heresy being that of Pelagianist ("good-evil") fallacy/delusion, by which fools think it's "good" to suck-along w. Jews, taking their filthy "money."

Finally, note external circumstances will work against present Jew-regime as USA economy steadily deteriorates, this coupled with continuing effects of anti-semitic info evermore and steadily dispensed fm internet, inevitably working against Jews.

CONCLUSION: But will gentiles benefit fm their own self-generated improvement?--we can only pray and do our best. Thus I blog, encouraging fellow Christians to achieve greatest rationality possible in large Christian and anti-semitic effort. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

winchesterjoe said...

Chuck - knowing of your unique experiences in occupied territories of the Palestinian people - I am surprised that you did not expand on the education of the clueless readers - with RARE exception none of which have ever had the experiences such as we both have of seeing these horrors with our own eyes.

What I consider an paramount FACT in the understanding of the goals of these people who are trying to defend THEIR OWN FAMILIES HOMES CROPS AND LIVILHOODS from maurading Jews - albiet IDF or land theives.

They want to defend their own families and homes - but they have no army - no weapons - no air force - and so they ONLY way they have to fight is ny sacraficing their own lives for their people. 'Greater love no man hath than when he sacrafices his own life for that of his family' - neighbor - fellow Palestinian etc.

None of them 'want' to die - and that kind of courage is almost never seen in our greedy selfish materialistic Western culture of death - but you will see acts of bravery on a daily basis there.

To call that kind of superhuman courage " cowardly" is is a comment beyond imbecillic and uttered best by a cowardly ignornat clueless people.

These defenseless Palestinian people - showing courage in the face of hopelessness have resorted to the ultimate sacrafice to save their own families. Chuck - what your fine article failed to clarify is the FACT that - as we both know from PERSONAL Experiences - is WHY they select certain 'targets' if possible - especially busses and 'coffehouses'.

While in IsraHELL I traveled extessively by bus and frequented the local coffehouses and what I saw expalined the reasonoing. They were both almost always full of IDF personell (the buss systen offers free transportation to IDF)

So - If I wanted to maximise a kill on these IDF child murdering scum - and I had ONLY my body yo sacrafice - that is where I would be. It is just that simple.

Jews are naturally bulleys and cowards whether in the field or the 'boardroom' - alway picking on the most defensless and helpless victims thay can find.

That is of course why I virtually NEVER saw them in combat branches in the US military. (I served in Artillery, infantry and airborne units and the 'Finkelsteins and Fishbaums' were in VERY short supply)

They were too busy seducing our wives sisters and daughters - and THAT IS A FACT that I experienced more that one Jew bragging about. Thank God I had REAL men in my units. I will continue to pray for the total destruction of the land of Satan's children - which will of course will make world peace a realistic possibility at last.

rjh said...

Israel is a war-criminal. She allows her own citizens to settle on occupied territories. That just for starters.
Secondly this terrorist state steal water from Palestinians. And terrorist Israel give Palestinians their, Israeli, waste water to drink.
Israel can do this because she is protected by USA and US-citizens.
If US-citizens could start washing their eyes and get all the bad propaganda your politicians and Jews/Zionists have glued to your brain, then you would wake up and hunt all Jews/Zionists out of USA. Of course you have to take all their money before you send them away. Use that money to pay for what Zionists and Jews have done to Palestinians and to other people around the world for the past 100 years.
Do NOT forget that the Jews have bankrupt USA.

So good Americans - when will you wake up???

Anonymous said...

He is right, 90% of america is blind about Isreal, until the last 5 years I was too. we believe what the media whants us to see. Pray that God opens our eyes. I would guess 90% of america believes the Jews are given back their own land that was promissed to them. and the USA is blessed because we support Isreal. We dont see much of the inhuman treatment of the Palistines.

Khondakar Golam Mowla said...

Who intruced usury/interest based Banking system and WMD in whole world? So please stop all these lies.

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Regards and thanks,

Khondakar Golam Mowla said...

Who introduced usury/interest based Banking system and WMD in whole world? So please stop all these lies.