Monday, March 17, 2008

Follow Christ, reject "Christianity"

The evangelical churches stated reason for attacking Islam is Muslim “militancy.” The Christian Right’s leaders managed to read far enough into a Qur’an to find passages about conflict with other tribes in the 7th Century when the book was scribed. Islamic militancy is the standard line of defense by dispensationalist pastors. They learn from the successful patterns of their Celebrity Christian mentors.

The more aggressive Celebrity Christians now use the term "Islamic fascists" a new favorite fad term at the “Christians United for Israel" first "Washington-Israel Summit" as Dan Jennejohn reported:

“Amidst plenty of the celebratory song and dance usually associated with evangelical meetings and a three-course meal was served to over 2,000 attendees, a series of prominent religious and political speakers got up to promise unquestioning support for the state of Israel.”

No evangelical I have ever met admits that he is at open war against Islam, it is always Islam who is the aggressor, and he is acting out of enlightened self-defense.

Pat Robertson told his “700 Club” audience that he traveled to northern Israel in a show of support for the Jewish state. In every modern case the battle is being fought on Muslim turf. Muslims were invaded first, not the other way around. Gaza, the West Bank, Iraq, Lebanon, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo are a few good examples of Muslim holy wars where they were invaded, and every battle has been fought entirely on Muslim territory.

The World Trade Center is offered as an exception to the rule, but it is falling increasingly under question as history plays out the facts that have been denied to us. Today’s Christian Right leaders expect the rest of us taxpayers to hire mercenary armies of Israelis and our own all paid military to kill Muslims for them.

“Christian” leaders like Pat Robertson amass huge fortunes and from politically favored NGO’s (non-government organizations) to dip into the taxpayers’ contributions when reconstruction time comes to Iraq and Palestine and Afghanistan. We pay for Pat’s share of our mercenary armies, while he and John Hagee enjoy tax-exempt status at almost every level. At least the Muslims fight and die in there own wars on their own lands. For instance, Muslim Iraq, which is very poor indeed, has pledged 60 million dollars of its diminished oil revenue to support Hezbollah in Lebanon. . If Iraq gives the money it is Muslims sacrificing for Muslims, with a minority of non-Muslims who can scarcely object.

Conversely, the American Congress, under heavy lobbying pressure from the “Christian Right” and the Jewish AIPAC pledged $2400 million (2.4 billion dollars) in military aid annually to Israel. According to the polls about 85% of Americans still think they are in some way “Christians” but the leaders of the churches who do the lobbying for war are virtually 100% exempt from payment of property and income taxes, state and federal, so Celebrity Christians do not participate in the cost of the wars they enable. We American non tax-exempt taxpayers pay for the wars of the Christian Right, fought on Muslim soil.

Conversion of the hungry and orphans, by offering food with prayers attached, is no different than conversion by the sword, which “Christians” accuse Islam of doing.

What makes some “Christians” so bloodthirsty toward Muslims?

“Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy,” therefore, “Christians” feel they must support the prime enemy of Islam, Israel. "Christianity" has become associated with Christian-Zionism, an American invention. Jesus would challenge it, as he challenged the Pharisees of his day. Christ followers do not hate or kill, “Christians” do.


Becky said...

Ok we are of one mind on the fundies.

But the Religion of Peace bothers me. This is the deal. It started in college when I was taught that it was indeed a peaceful religion. I spent considerable time looking at the actual words. Found nothing--but I was kid.

So I worked on it later. Still did not have any luck. There is nothing like the "Sermon on the Mount"--the kind of thing found in all the other great religions.

Of course, they have certainly not lived up to those ideals. But it is at the core

At the core of Islam I see discrimination, misogyny, war, hate and intolerance.

I defend Islam, I know Muslims who are good people, and feel the discrimination against them is deporable.

But since I am not a cultural relativist, and I just don't like what my studies have found (or not found)Islam does not impress me and is inherently inclined to degenerate into brutality and barbarism--perhaps you can enlighten me.

I would like to see reform of Islam from within. But I fear it may not be possible--that may amount to a whole sale gutting of the whole thing.


Edward said...

Becky C. asks:
Didn't find Religion of Peace..?...Look here

Reformed Islam? Look here:

You need to look for the source and the circumstances of the problems first.