Monday, July 30, 2007

Radical Israel Seeks Support of Judeo-Christians for Culture of Death

Muslims have played an important part in our last two vigils, answering questions about Islam and holding up signs to free us to rove the crowd. The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix quoted this writer for Project Strait Gate at A Night to Honor Israel. They reported that an Arizona Rabbi wisely refused to attend and warned during Temple services two days before why American Jews should have no part of John Hagee. The media needs to be told that radical Zionists both in Israel and here at home are using Hagee to promote war with Iran. Hagee may be the only religious leader in the world who openly proclaims nuclear war acceptable.

It is vital — a matter of life and death — to understand that Hagee and those like him are providing the only grassroots support for the neo-con Bush aim to incite a long-term war with Iran via a pre-emptive strike under the phony excuse of destroying non-existent nuclear capacity.

The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix report is important because it cracks the door for further criticism of both Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists. Mainline American Jews are recognizing increasingly that Hagee/Zionist common war agenda may not be good for them.

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix quotes Rabbi Strauss:

“Rabbi Andrew Straus, spiritual leader of Temple Emanuel in Tempe, gave a sermon on the Friday night before the CUFI (Christians United For Israel) meeting explaining why he would not be going. ‘John Hagee believes that what he is doing is divinely ordained and fulfilling biblical (prophecy),’ he told Jewish News, ‘and he believes Israel cannot return a single square inch of land, which goes against the policies of the last five Israeli prime ministers and the views of most Americans and Israelis. (Americans) have a habit of creating friends we think we can control, but we end up being the monkey on the lion’ s back. I think Hagee will end up using us.’”

Jewish News of Greater Phoenix quotes Charles Carlson:

“The handful of protesters outside the building had a different view. ‘In this hall will be assembled some of the only people in the world who really believe in bombing Iran, in continuing the occupation of Iraq and continuing to support the occupation of Palestine,’ said Chuck Carlson, the president and co-founder of We Hold These Truths, a Christian group that has protested at past CUFI events.”

It is significant that no effort was made to paint Project Strait Gate as “anti-Semite,” the usual trick with Jewish critics; instead they correctly gave our protest a Christian bend by quoting several of our sign messages without distortion:

The protesters carried or leaned on signs that read

• Choose life not war,
• One nation under God, not Israel
• Innocent blood in Gaza and Iraq, and
• Hagee’s racism kills Palestinians."

John Hagee may not realize that his agenda is being shaped to conform with what General Tira and the Radical Zionists at the top levels of Israeli politics want; nonetheless, Hagee’s lobbying agenda in Washington is designed to force U.S. congressional support for an unconscionable — and lethal — attack on the people of Iran. In the end, this not only threatens the tiny country of Israel, it threatens the greater national security of the United States and our service men and women in Iraq. It is an act of insanity, or what the head of the UNIAEA told the BBC, an "act of madness."

Hagee states:

“I would hope the United States would join Israel in a military pre-emptive strike to take out the nuclear capability of Iran for the salvation of Western civilization.”

We Hold These Truths' goal is a complete break from everything John Hagee says he stands for at A Night To Honor Israel and the misguided Christ-followers among the 40 to 70 million who under the stupefying spell of such Judeo-Christian leaders. They are defying Christ to following Hagee’s and others like him . . . into a culture of death. At least half of these millions are capable of waking up in a heartbeat and turning their backs on the warring church leaders who have deceived them.

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